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You know everything about her
But don't know her at all

Hello! My name is Becky. I'm a 26 year old psychometrist from Mississippi. I grew up here, but lived in Livingston, Alabama, for a couple of years while I was at the University of West Alabama. I transferred to Mississippi College where I majored in psychology and minored in history. I received my Bachelor's in 1998 and my Master's in May of 2000. I work for the school sytem in a local county, going around to different schools giving various individualized psychological tests. Eventually I hope to meet the right man, get married, and have or adopt a couple of kids.

I chose the name Stargazer for this site because it was appropriate for a couple of reasons. There's obviously the fact that this site is dedicated to a few celebrities. But it's also personal because I love to watch the night sky. Some of my most meaningful conversations have taken place under the stars with a the right person, a blanket, and a cup of coffee. My other favorite way to relax is to spend time with my pets. I have a three cats, Tino, Daisy, and Pixie, and a dog, B.J., inside the house. Since we live outside the city limits and have plenty of land, we also have several dogs that venture between my family's house and my great aunt's house. Their names are Jake, CoCo, Soul, Lucy, Jasper, Tico, Annabelle and Holstein. My great aunt has a dog and a two cat as well: Bits, Molly and Bobby. What can I say? We seem to collect strays. Daisy and Pixie were thrown out by the side of the road; Soul and Lucy were throw-aways, and Molly and Bobby either had to find homes or become throw-aways. Okay, my heart may be too soft, but I couldn't not help these poor babies.

Click HERE for "All About My Pets"

I enjoy reading, writing, and psychology. I hope you'll check out my story, The Unrightable Wrong. It has a Quantum Leap theme, a few very subtle Bon Jovi references (QL fans unfamiliar with Bon Jovi won't even notice!), and a heavy dose of psychological turmoil. I also enjoy domestic things like making jams and jellies. My best friend and I swear one day we'll take up quilting and after we retire from the school system, we'll go into catering.

Some other musicians I like include Elvis Presley, Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, SR-71, Evan and Jaron, Tori Amos, Martina McBride, Tom Petty, Warrant, Aerosmith, and many others. However, no artist has continually produced music that thrills me the way Bon Jovi has. Some of my other favorite TV shows include Touched By an Angel, Frasier, Lois and Clark, Days of Our Lives and As the World Turns. I was a huge fan of Another World and followed Tom Eplin to ATWT. The only things I make an effort to not miss are TBAA, Days, and ATWT. If I'm not home, I record them. But onto my biggest interests:

I've been a Bon Jovi fan since 1986. My two best friends at the time teased me for not knowing the words to "Bad Name," so I listened for it, memorized it and loved it. However, I didn't become a really devoted fan until 1988 when I heard "Bad Medicine." Then I saw a picture of Jon and read an interview in a teeny-bopper magazine. I was hooked, addicted, a Jovi Junkie for life. And I like it that way!

I've been to only 7 Bon Jovi concerts in that period of time: 9-17-89 Jackson, MS; 3-7-93 Knoxville, TN; 7-10-93 Little Rock, AR; 12-12-94 Atlanta, GA; 9-16-95 Atlanta, GA; 11-24-00 St. Louis, MO; and 5-11-01 Atlanta, GA. I also had the pleasure of seeing Jon solo and acoustic at the fan club 10th Anniversary Bash on 8-28-98 in Eatontown, NJ. Check out my account and photos for more about that magnificent night. If you want to know what I look like, follow that link. You can also find reviews of the Atlanta Christmas Show, the St. Louis show, and the Atlanta 2001 show in the Articles and Reivews page. Some of my favorite songs are "Someday I'll Be Saturday Night," "Santa Fe," "Bed of Roses," "Wild is the Wind," "Stick to Your Guns," "Born to Be My Baby (acoustic)," "Cold, Hard Heart" "Something to Believe In," "I'll Be There For You," "Mystery Train," "Just Older," and "Say It Isn't So." Notice I said some... there are really too many favorites to list!

I love all the guys in the band, but Jon is my #1 man! I think he's the greatest singer, songwriter, and performer in rock 'n' roll. I also think he is a great actor, and I'm obviously not alone in that opinion. Check out the snippets of movie reviews I've collected to see what professional and non-professional critics are saying. So far, my favorite of Jon's movies is Row Your Boat followed by The Leading Man. Jon is a spectacular performer.

I find Jon incredibly attractive, but if it weren't for his personality, I wouldn't be the fan I am. It takes more than looks to keep me this interested for this long! I am intrigued by his mind, his writing, the things that make him Jon. There are few people and no other entertainers that I respect and admire as deeply as I respect and admire Jon. I thank God for allowing Jon to be a part of my life because his influence has made a difference and is partially responsible for who I am today.

I do a lot of trading--when I have time, anyway. So, if you're interested, please e-mail me. I have over 400 cassettes and over 200 videos. I will trade for other Bon Jovi items if you don't have tapes to trade, but I do not sell tapes. I only trade.

My interest in Quatum Leap started about 10 years ago. To be honest, I didn't watch the show when if first started becasue I thought it would be incredibly stupid. Then my friend Julie made me watch the season premiere with her one year, and I was hooked! The first episodes I saw were The Leap Home and Vietnam. My favorite episode is Shock Theater. Scott and Dean were both incredible during that intense show. In high school, there were 3 other girls who always watched it and we would talk about it in Spanish class. Someone even started calling us the Leapies. But, much to our dismay, it was cancelled our senior year. We cried... we graduated... we moved on.

I became re-infatuated during the summer of 1999. It started with getting out the old tapes, then realizing Sci-Fi was airing the show every afternoon. Then I found out there was a series of books based on the series. I also got on the internet and that allowed me to find some information and meet some other fans. I think the kicker was when I found out Scott Bakula could sing and there were some CDs available with his work. His musicals helped me get through the tortuous waiting for the new Bon Jovi album. And while Scott was a nice distraction, he can never mean to me what Jon does.

I have to face an obvious fact: I have a thing for singers who act. Or is it actors who sing? Well, I'll ponder that on my own. Enjoy the site!